Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Why call this blog "A Shamgar Moment?"

This blog is named after a man in the Bible who acted when God called. He was most likely a simple farmer at work when God called him to save Israel. He used an oxgoad to slay 600 men and an oxgoad was a tool used by farmers to prod, or goad, oxen on while plowing a field. One end would've been pointy like a spear while the other end had a spade like tool used to clean the dirt and clay that would lodge itself onto the plow.

We know very little about Shamgar, except that he was used mightly by God. The question is are we willing to be used by God? Do we long for those Shamgar moments when we can be used by God in our everyday situations; at work, the gym, or out with friends?
My hope is to encourge, equip, and impress upon you the need for Jesus Christ.

The picture is a rendition of what Kevin Rolly thought Shamgar would look like.

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Anonymous said...

Shamgar sounds like a modern day george bush....kill people because God said so. How sick are you?
That's the worst sin possible.
how do you know atta and the otehers on 9/11 were wrong? there God talked to them.