Monday, March 26, 2007

My brief thoughts on deism.

As I see it deism has left an indelible twofold mark on our culture. First in the secular realm in which scientism reigns. It has affected how perceptions are made through the labels of science and spirituality. When something is labeled “scientific” the thought is that the idea is based on natural reason void of faith. Whereas “spirituality” is seen based on nothing but faith, absent of natural reason. Thus scientific beliefs are viewed as the foundation of thought and spirituality is seen as blind. A disconnect has been formed between spirituality and reason. The second mark on our culture is in the spiritual realm. Because of the apparent gap between spirituality and reason, religion (Christianity) has almost turned anti-intellectual. To me it appears that instead of embracing science and reason in the light of Jesus, Christianity unfortunately tends to shun it away.

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Kenan Butler said...

I agree wholeheartedly with you thoughts on deism, especially that many christians are anti-intellectual. There are some colleges and places of higher learning that are trying to break this trend.